Add profit to your assortment

Leventi Sense is an innovative bakeoff system which fully automatic , bakes par- and pre-baked bread and presents this directly to the customer for self-service.

The principle is simple:
1) Filling 2) Baking 3) Self-service!

The oven ensures a continuous supply of fresh, crispy warm breads without the additional cost of specially trained personnel and complex technical installations. It bakes when there is demand and
stops at times when there is less. The Leventi Sense generates additional sales at low operating costs. The use and maintenance of the Leventi Sense is simple and the power consumption is low. Therefore the Leventi Sense provides a quick return on investment!


What is the Leventi Sense?

  • Bake-off concept
  • Conveyor system
  • Impingement hot air technology
  • Fully automatic
  • Self-Service
  • Plug & play